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Why We Are Here

We are here to relieve your complaints and help improve your function so you can get back to doing what you want to do... whether that is getting back to work or school or the athletic fields, returning to the golf course, slopes or hiking trails, or being the great parent or spouse you were before your health issues began. Helping resolve your pain and discomfort are part of that, but if you really think about it, being able to do what you need and want to do is what health is all about. Being able to participate in and enjoy life takes a healthy, fully functioning body... not just a pain free body. Health is not merely the absence of symptoms... it is a step beyond that. 

Practice Message

    "Restoring lost health and function through modern and traditional methods."

Health depends on the unobstructed flow of communications throughout all of the systems of the body... its various muscles, glands, organs and tissues. Numerous external and internal influences, such as trauma, stress, foreign toxins and chemicals, drugs and surgeries, can alter the normal quantity and quality of these communications, resulting in altered overall function. By removing the blockages that interfere with normal function, re-establishing communication between the systems and supporting weaknesses as needed, a quality state of health can be achieved.

While the reduction of nerve interference through Chiropractic care, the elimination of nutritional deficiencies through proper diet and nutritional supplementation, the reduction of accumulated toxins and the relief of allergy symptoms may not resolve all of your health problems... there is no complete answer today without them.