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Injury Care

Injuries can result in minor misalignments of the bones of the spine. In Chiropractic, these displacements of the spinal bones (vertebrae) are called vertebral subluxations. When they are present, they can cause stress to your spinal cord and nervous system and malfunction can occur in related parts of the body. (see our Interactive 3-D Spine display)

Subluxations may be caused by (1) the accumulative effects of poor posture, poor sleeping habits, repetitive work activities or strenuous exercise; or (2) single traumatic injuries such as occur in automobile, work or sports injuries, during ill-advised lifting or slip and falls, and in some cases, the birthing process itself to both mom and baby.

Chiropractic adjustments are very helpful in correcting subluxations, relieving pain, returning proper function to the nervous system and restoring optimal health.

We are primary care providers. Referrals are not required.

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